Cast of The Crew Netflix Series-Watch out in Mini Cinema!

What happens when the new boss enters and things shake unbelievably for employees seems like the red alert. See how you can softly tackle that diplomatic boss by watching the Netflix comedy series The Crew with the amazing cast and chill ice cream.

The Crew is an American comedy TV streaming series centered on an illusionary NASCAR racing team that premiered on Netflix in 2021. The main star of the sequel is Kevin James, the chief of a NASCAR garage. The story is about the crew chief when the owner steps down and passes the team off to his successor Jillian Mueller (Catherine), who is Stanford-educated.

The main thing is that the crew chief Kevin has to defend himself and his team from Catherine’s shots; who wants to modernize the team, and the employees have to face the challenges and seem susceptible. Hence, move to the following section to see the cast without wasting time here and also see the titles of episodes of season 1.

Overview of “The Crew”

Created byJeff Lowell
Directed byAndy Fickman
Releasing DateFebruary 15, 2021
PlotLife in the garage swerves off track for a NASCAR crew chief and his tight-knit racing team when a new boss steps in and shakes things up.

Let’s Meet Up with the Cast of “The Crew”  Netflix Series

 Apart from other cast members, below are the series’ main characters. So, get together to know the nature of their roles:

1. Kevin James as Kevin Gibson

kevin james
kevin james

Kevin James is portrayed as the NASCAR crew chief for Bobby Spencer Racing. He tries to uphold the synchronization among his colleagues but loses his personal contentment in this attempt. You may also notice Kevin in another series, The King of Queens, as Doug Heffernan for years and also plays the title role in the Paul Blart movie franchise.

2. Sarah Stiles as Beth Paige

cast of the crew film sarah stiles
cast of the crew film sarah stiles

Sarah Stiles stars as the office manager for Bobby Spencer Racing. She mostly seems satisfied with her life in the series but feels strained when her boyfriend gets a new job in New York City. Beth is specifically attached to Kevin and always looks for him but considers him a friend. Sarah also headlines as Stiles portrayed Toni Luddy in I’m Dying Up Here and Gladys in the Get Shorty T.V. series on Epix. She freshly appeared as Bonnie Barella in Billions.

3. Other main cast member of “the Crew” Netflix Show-Jillian Mueller as Catherine Spencer

jillian mueller
jillian mueller

Mueller co-stars as a Stanford-educated woman and the new crew boss with a history in Silicon Valley. She wants to be viewed as fun but clumsily tries to fit in with her staff. You may observe Mueller in the role of Leah Simes in Law & Order: Special Victims Unit season 18 and Emily in The Last O.G. season 1. Jillian made her movie debut as Chaz in the 2019 film Porno.

4. Freddie Stroma as Jake Martin

freddie stroma
freddie stroma

Stroma portrays as the main driver for Bobby Spencer Racing, who is known for his stupidity. Jake has all the cleverness to keep his post but feels vulnerable at the entrance of a younger female racer. Stroma is well known from the Harry Potter movie franchise as Cormac McLaggen and Luke in Pitch Perfect. He was recently portrayed as Prince Friedrich in Bridgerton season 1.

5. Gary Anthony Williams as Chuck Stubbs

gary anthony williams
gary anthony williams

Williams plays the role of mechanic for Bobby Spencer Racing. He’s a blunt entity who speaks more with his actions than his words. Williams also seemed as Tarik in Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle and Bebop in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows.

6. Dan Ahdoot as Amir Lajani

dan ahdoot
dan ahdoot

Dan Ahdoot was cast as the main engineer for Bobby Spencer Racing in The Crew series. He always seems in anxiety and makes embarrassing remarks while socializing. Ahdoot also played the role of Amir Yaghoob in Bajillion Dollar Propertie$ and was recently portrayed as Anoush in Cobra Kai.

7. Another Cast member of “The Crew” Netflix Series-Paris Berelc as Jessie De La Cruz

paris berelc
paris berelc

Paris Berelc is portrayed as an up-and-coming driver primarily picked as Jake’s replacement. Well, she knows better how to tackle the media but needs to improve her driving skills. Paris also appears as Alexa Mendoza in Alexa & Katie and Megan in Hubie Halloween.

8. Bruce McGill as Bobby Spencer

bruce mcgill
bruce mcgill

McGill plays the role of the former CEO of Bobby Spencer Racing. Bruce McGill is famous for appearing as Daniel Simpson Day in National Lampoon’s Animal House and Ron Motley in The Insider.

9. Mather Zickel as Frank

cast of the crew film Mather Zickel
cast of the crew film Mather Zickel

Mather Zickel portrays as a financial analyst and Beth’s boyfriend. Zickel is famous for portraying Kieran in Rachel Getting Married and Gil in I Love You, Man.

Titles of Season 1

  1. I Guess That Cake Did Need To Be Refrigerated. (Episode 1)
  2. My Name’s Kevin And I Care About Feelings. (Episode 2)
  3. Hot Mushroom Meat. (Episode 3)
  4. You Seem Like A Perfectly Serviceable Woman. (Episode 4)
  5. Your Face Is A Baby. (Episode 5)
  6. We’re Gonna Be Okay. We’re Gonna Be Okay. (Episode 6)
  7. Ooof, Someone Throw A Robe On Grandma. (Episode 7)
  8. Good Things Happen to Handsome People. (Episode 8)
  9. Monkeys and Bears Riding Bicycles. (Episode 9)
  10. No One Likes You. No One. (Episode 10)

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