FIFA 23 Live Update-Patch Notes

FIFA 23 live update is here! So, make sure you make out all the details! The FIFA 23 World Cup Mode has been introduced, spotting the beginning of FIFA 23’s World Cup campaign! FUT’s first World Cup promo is coming shortly.

Here are the following official patch notes for FIFA 23’s Title Update 3:

  1. FIFA World Cup 2022 experience has been added to FIFA 23.
  2. The Brazilian National team has been updated to take in real players in Kick Off, Tournaments, Online Friendlies, and Online Seasons.
  3. The Brazil National team formerly had AI-generated players.
  4. Some commentary lines and celebrations have been updated.
  5. The following issues have been resolved:
  6. Training Center Focus Areas do not consider the selected Controller Settings preset.
  7. Various stability issues have been addressed.

FIFA 23 Live Tuning Update 3 has made these twists to the game:

  1. Stamina Decay has increased by 41% when using the following tactics:
  2. Constant Pressure
  3. Press After Possession Loss
  4. Press On Heavy Touch
  5. Accuracy for fully powered corner kicks has decreased.
  6. Fully powered corners ball velocity has been reduced.

Forthcoming Alterations and Fixes for FIFA 23

Here are all the upcoming fixes and changes for FIFA 23; you can view this on FIFA 23’s Trello Board!

  1. Some PC players cannot launch FIFA 23 due to other anti-cheat apps conflicting with EA anti-cheat.
  2. Players can presently only list up to 30 Items on the FUT Transfer Market. This is an error.
  3. Player Sharpness imperfectly displays as -1 when a match is paused in Manager Career.
  4. Dynamic Potential incorrectly reduces for a few players when progressing to a new season in a Manager Career.
  5. The FIFA World Cup 2022 Quarter Finals Knockout Stage is not following the precisely scheduled matchups in the FIFA World Cup 2022 experience.

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