Football as a Religion Sociology- Geremi Thoughts!

Today, we all live in vague times chock-a-block with clashes and universal crises, and the world is divided.

But the FIFA World Cup will bring people together to cross borders, unite and rejoice through the power of football.

Football seems like a religion sociology as it unites the world and will be a worldwide movement to motivate, unite and develop through football. FIFA Legend Geremi Njitap knows the amalgamating power of football better than most, having inspired an entire nation to dream during his 14 years playing for Cameroon. With the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 in progress, he takes a trip down a memory path to remember a career filled with trophies and obvious moments.

The retired international racked up a long list of honors, including two CAF Africa Cup of Nations titles, Olympic gold, and a pair of UEFA Champions League achievements, but the World Cup occupies an exclusive and special place in his heart.

According to Geremi:

“It just brings joy and happiness. For me, being a footballer is the best job in the world.”

 He was an idealistic supporter when the Indomitable Lions pulled off incredible feat after incredible feat at Italy in 1990, long before his heroics for Cameroon. The former Real Madrid and Chelsea right-back said, “I was 12 years old. “A team from Africa had never before advanced to the quarterfinals. It’s such a wonderful memory for us. People rushed through the streets after each match when we were young. I will never forget it.

Every game that summer also provided a new opportunity to marvel at the talent of a player who would go down in African and international football history. According to Geremi, who won 118 caps with Cameroon, “at the time, everyone associated with Roger Milla and what he was doing. “When I first began my career and was applying for club trials, I introduced myself to my teammates as Roger Milla’s brother. That shows the significance of a World Cup participant and the tournament’s influence.

Twelve years later, the free-kick specialist got to experience it all firsthand in Korea and Japan in 2002 before returning to the World Cup spotlight in South Africa in 2010. Cameroon was knocked out in the group stage on both occasions, but Geremi still looks back with fondness. “The World Cup is the biggest tournament on the planet. For me, it was a dream come true. If you’re a footballer, you dream of playing in the best tournament.”

For a Cameroonian, for example, that starts with the Africa Cup of Nations. Then you want to win titles at the club level. But when you reach the World Cup, that’s the holy grail. “Football is a religion that brings people together,” he adds. “It just brings joy and happiness. For me, being a footballer is the best job in the world.”

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