Messi vs. Ronaldo- Who Is Better GOAT Rivalry Player

The names Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo are no longer unfamiliar to us as football fans. Both are magnificent monuments with extraordinary individual accomplishments. The eternal question remains; who’s better: Messi vs. Ronaldo? This article will approach this question by analyzing 10  technical and physical categories and deciding on a winner.

The debate over which of the Portuguese phenomenon and the ethereal is superior to Argentine has dominated football fans’ thoughts for the past ten years. It will continue to do so in the future.

Club and country allegiances can skew opinions, and personalities can affect how well a player is viewed, with most people having a clear idea of who they would choose.

So who is the best person that has ever lived? GOAL has examined how the two genuinely compare head-to-head regardless of your preference so that you may be fully informed.

We must examine the specifications and accomplishments of each player to determine the solution. The two archrivals have won nearly every individual award over the past 15 years and show no signs of slowing down. Which one of them is it since there can only be one? Lionel Messi, a one-team player, or the outstanding Portuguese Ronaldo?

Let’s Have a Look at Messi & Ronaldo

Messi & Ronaldo
Messi & Ronaldo


Professional soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo has set records while playing for the Portuguese national team, Manchester United, Real Madrid, and Juventus.

“I don’t consider myself as the best player in the world. I’m not obsessed with individual titles. I’m much more interested in being part of a team that wins trophies.” – said Cristiano Ronaldo.


Soccer player Lionel Messi symbolizes both Argentina and Paris Saint-Germain. On his way to becoming one of the world’s top soccer players, he set records for goals scored and took individual home honors.

“My ambition is always to get better and better.” – said Lionel Messi.

Players Outline

FactsLionel MessiCristiano Ronaldo
Active TeamParis Saint-GermainManchester United F.C.
Team Number307
NationalityArgentina Portugal
D.O.B24 June 1987 (34 years)5 February 1985 (37 years)
Height1.7 m 1.85 m
Weight72 kg 80 kg

Top 10 Motives-Why Messi is Better than Ronaldo

messi vs ronaldo
messi vs ronaldo

1. Messi Has the Best Shots

It took Ronaldo 56 shots more than Messi to achieve just 3 goals more than him the previous year. Ronaldo seems to be shooting at every chance he gets (in its place of passing the ball to his teammates) and scored 31 goals in 216 shots! On the other hand, Messi scored 28 goals in just 160 chances.

2. Messi Is More Disciplined

Ronaldo has been seen to be involved in fights on many occasions. It wasn’t a new experience for each of us to see Ronaldo being shown the yellow card or sent off. Even though Messi has faced yellows, statistically- he is much more disciplined than the Portuguese. 

3. International Record

Every time Ronaldo has led Portugal into the World Cup or any other championship has only led to disappointment. On the other hand, Messi led his team to the World Cup finals and gave a good fight to Germany.

4. Messi Vs. Ronaldo: Everlasting Goal Scorer

Ronaldo might be considered a goal scorer- but Messi adds the word “Perpetual” before it. Scoring 91 goals in a single season is an achievement that Ronaldo can only dream of achieving. Messi has more free-kick goals than Ronaldo!

5. Awards Score

If you step back and look at the awards and distinctions these players have achieved for themselves or their nation/club, there is not much to differentiate between the two of them. However, Messi has more gold awards than Ronaldo or any other footballer. 

6. Decisive Passing Skills

Ronaldo might score goals from each part of his body- but he can never pass a ball with the same precision as that Leo Messi. His passing skills are enormously smudged on- and he has- in several events- nutmegged skill thousands of defenders by his passing ability.

7. A team Leader

Messi is the most selfless player in the world; sometimes, he’ll pass the ball to a man in a better position to score a goal- even when he knows that he can score and finish the game once and for all! This is the class of player that every team wants it.

8. Messi Vs. Ronaldo: Ultimate Defender

Messi can read both offensive and defensive game plays, and according to stats- Messi is more likely to win a ball from another player than Ronaldo.

9. 3x More Artistic

His role as a novice in football- was always that of a wing-side playmaker- a player who could dictate counterattacks through his wing-play. And now that he’s the best goal scorer for the club and his finishing is excellent- he still retains that charm and attractiveness of a playmaker. Ronaldo, conversely, has far fewer assists than Messi.

10. Built-in Speed

Ronaldo is a very fast footballer- but Messi is faster and lither than him. Messi’s body structure helps him change his pace so quickly, and it helps him change his direction of trickle without having to bleed thrust- unlike Ronaldo. This ability also has helped him countless times when he could get by 3 or 4 defenders.

Messi Vs. Ronaldo (Career Status Last Five Years)



Cristiano Ronaldo


Messi’s Goals Stats

Free kick goals58
Penalty goals102
Hattrick Goals55
Braces goals134
Goals Scored in the Finals29

CR7 Goals Stats

Free kick goals57
Penalty goals143
Hattrick Goals59
Braces goals127
Goals Scored in the Finals19

All-Time Career Stats: Messi Vs. Ronaldo

Messi Vs. Ronaldo
Messi Vs. Ronaldo
Lionel Messi339781989
Cristiano Ronaldo2318161132


AssistsGoalsAppsMins Per Goal
Lionel Messi29069182593
Cristiano Ronaldo144699198110


AssistsGoalsAppsMins Per Goal
Lionel Messi21348555593
Cristiano Ronaldo144497647104


AssistsGoalsAppsMins Per Goal
Lionel Messi36127159104
Cristiano Ronaldo41141187115

All-Time Domestic Super Cups

(Spanish Super Cup,  Supercoppa Italiana, Fa Community Shield)

PlayersAssistsGoalsAppsMins Per Goal
Lionel Messi51521117
Cristiano Ronaldo0611144


 (Copa del Ray, Coppa Italia, FA Cup, EFL Cup, Coupe de France)

PlayersAssistsGoalsAppsMins Per Goal
Lionel Messi335681118
Cristiano Ronaldo104582147


PlayersAssistsGoalsAppsMins Per Goal
Lionel Messi234140
Cristiano Ronaldo02249


PlayersAssistsGoalsAppsGoals per Game
Lionel Messi1550.3
Cristiano Ronaldo3780.4


PlayersAssistsGoalsAppsGoals per Game
Lionel Messi0000
Cristiano Ronaldo014290

Cristiano Ronaldo vs. Lionel Messi: International stats

PlayersAssistsGoalsAppGoals per Game
Lionel Messi33901640.55
Cristiano Ronaldo491171910.61

CR7 vs. Messi: Trophies

CR7 vs. Messi Trophies
CR7 vs. Messi Trophies
CompetitionWorld CupEuropean Championship / Copa AmericaNations League / FinalissimaOlympicsLeague titlesChampions LeagueClub World CupNational Cups*
Lionel Messi011111437
Cristiano Ronaldo01107544

Cristiano Ronaldo vs. Lionel Messi: Individual awards


Ballon d’OrThe Best FIFA Men’s PlayerEuropean Golden ShoeWorld Cup Golden BallUEFA Player of the YearFIFPro World XIPlayer of the Year (league)
Lionel Messi71613416
Cristiano Ronaldo52404144

Net Worth of Two GOAT Players

Messi is an Argentinian-born professional athlete often considered the best soccer player in the world. Lionel Messi’s net worth is $600 million. CR is a Portuguese professional soccer player, product ambassador, and entrepreneur. Cristiano Ronaldo’s net worth is $500 million. The following year, he easily earns $100-150 million from salary and backing.

Personal Life & Legacy

Lionel Messi

Messi tied the marriage with Antonella Roccuzzo on June 30, 2017. Roccuzzo is the cousin of Messi’s best friend and fellow soccer star Lucas Scaglia. Three children—Thiago (born in November 2012), Mateo (born in September 2015), and Ciro (born in March 2018—were born to Messi and Roccuzzo together.

Several other top soccer players and Colombian pop diva Shakira were among the 260 guests invited to their civil wedding, which the Argentine newspaper Clarin dubbed the “wedding of the century.” It took place at a posh hotel in Rosario.

Cristiano Ronaldo

The Spanish model Georgina Rodriguez, whom Ronaldo is seeing, made their first public appearance together in November 2016.

The couple welcomed twins in June 2017—a boy and a girl via a surrogate. In November 2017, Rodriguez added to their family with the birth of another girl. Later, Ronaldo announced his twin son’s death on social media.

Some Philanthropic Work OF GOATs

Lionel Messi

Messi has quietly assisted those in need despite being renowned for being quiet off the field. He established the Leo Messi Foundation in 2007 to give underprivileged youths chances. He was appointed a goodwill ambassador by UNICEF at the beginning of 2010 to promote children’s rights worldwide.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Ronaldo donated £5 million to the relief efforts following the earthquake in Nepal that left over 8,000 people dead, earning him the title of the world’s most philanthropic sportsperson in 2015. After Real Madrid won the Champions League in June 2016, Ronaldo gave up all €600,000 of his Champions League bonus.

Ronaldo introduced CR7Selfie in August, a selfie app that participants may use to snap selfies with him while he is dressed in various clothing and poses and donate the proceeds to Save the Children.

Law Suit

Law Suit
Law Suit


Messi took a hit off the field in July 2016 when a Barcelona court found him and his father responsible for three counts of tax fraud. During a four-day hearing, Messi and his father argued they were unaware of tax fraud and denied breaching the law.

They were both given a 21-month prison term, though. They were not sentenced to jail time since first offenses in Spain are subject to a two-year suspension, but Messi had to pay a 2 million euro fine instead. He was ordered to pay 1.5 million euros from his father.


A 9-year-old investigation investigating allegations that Ronaldo had sexually assaulted a lady in his hotel room was reopened by Las Vegas, Nevada, police in 2018. The accuser also brought a civil case against the famous athlete.

After reviewing the evidence, the district attorney for Clark County, Nevada, declared the following summer that he would not be pressing charges against Ronaldo.

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