Rihanna Shoe Size – Comparisons & her Collection

Are you embarrassed with your big foot? Then, you don’t need to be. Many celebrities enjoying sensational celebrities have large shoe sizes. They may have access to the top fashion designers, but famous women can be uncomfortable about their big feet too like Rihanna shoe size is 9 (US).

A mainly fashionable subject to talk about regarding stars is their feet. This comes as no surprise, as celebrities’ red-carpet attire always includes magnificent shoes, which are then examined by the gossip media. Celebrities with big feet seem to especially be in the spotlight, as the size of their feet is often the talk of polished magazines.

From wearing chill shoes like Uggs and creepers to Rockin stilettos on the runway, Rihanna has worn some amazing shoes. With such a wide variety of shoes, the singer has to have a fairly accessible foot size. Moreover, Rihanna is kicking off the holidays with some new shoes.  She also collaborated with Dior, Manolo Blahnik, Stance Socks, Puma, LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton, and River Island.

So scroll down to read more about Rihanna’s footwear, comparisons with other celebrities, and her designed shoes.

Rihanna Shoe Size-9 US

Rihanna Shoe Size
Rihanna Shoe Size

Like the majority of Hollywood gorgeous, Riri has very fine-looking feet. She also enjoys a 5-star foot rating on the wiki feet website for her foot. Well, the singer wears shoe size 9 (US), which is modestly too high but still amazing.

But her size could probably change to a 9.5 or even 10 as she ages.  However, her shoe set is dominated by strappy sandals, which she has been spotted innumerable times on and off the red carpet. Riri also has a few tattoos on her feet, but the most captivating is the Egyptian eagle, which resembles the shape of a handgun.

Though many magazines have reported this to be a large size foot, it’s right on average for the United States. In fact, some studies show that people’s feet are getting bigger over time. Even so, Rihanna has worn some amazing footwear and designed some super stylish shoes.

Rihanna Body Stats

Undoubtedly, RiRi, along with many attributes, is one of the most appealing features of a striking figure, talent, and fashion sense. She has an ideal figure with body measurements of 34-24-36, and her Bra size is 38B.  However, her dress size is 4 (US) or 34 (EU), and her shoe size is 9 (US).

Comparison of Rihanna Shoe Size with Other Beauties

Rihanna Shoe Size with Other Beauties
Rihanna Shoe Size with Other Beauties

Kate Winslet – 11US/9UK/43EU

Nowadays, Kate’s foot has been the subject of gossip online as it does not seem to go with her other body. She is 1.69m tall, which is why her feet seem too ordinary.

Winslet has formerly opened that her mother wears a size 13US/11UK/45EU. However, it makes slightly more sense as the actress’s mother is 1.80m tall.

Oprah Winfrey- 11US/9UK/43EU

A few years ago, Oprah actually discovered that she had been wearing shoes that were too small her entire life; while having a wardrobe alteration. The media mogul admitted to wearing a size 10US. However, her feet are a size 11US.

Paris Hilton- 11US/9UK/43EU

Newlywed socialite Paris Hilton always looks so sensational from head to toe. But she hates one thing about her body: her size 11 US feet. She wrote in her book Confessions that Heiress “Even heiresses have flaws.”

Uma Thurman- 11US/9UK/43EU

Hollywood actress Uma Thurman has size 11 feet and was quite insecure about their starring role in Quentin Tarantino’s Kill Bill and Pulp Fiction films. At nearly 6ft tall, she struggled with both her height and shoe size growing up

Whoopi Goldberg- 11US/9UK/43EU

Whoopi has admitted to having size 11US/9UK/43EU feet while on a talk show with Kate Winslet; big-footed ladies are pleased!

Rihanna Shoe Size with the most like Brand in her Attire

Rihanna’s shoe size is middling in the US, where sizes 8.5 and 9 are the most normally worn. Since she has such a handy foot size, Riri’s shoe game has always been on the spot. Even though her fashion is iconic, she would likely wear no matter what shoes she wanted regardless of her foot size. 

Rihanna Shoe Collection with Manolo Blahnik

Rihanna Shoe Collection
Rihanna Shoe Collection

With her unique shoe styles, Rihanna has teamed up with more than one shoe brand. She also worked with Puma to design her sneakers in 2014. Rihanna signed with Puma as a creative director and brought in designer Billy Walsh to use his “creeper” shoe design.

Rihanna’s new shoe collection will include a total of 45 pairs, which will be distributed in different locations. Rihanna’s Puma collection sold out before you could say WORK, and the same is expected for this collection, regardless of the rather extreme price tags that would mean nothing to a range of RiRi loyalists.

At New York Fashion Week, Rihanna attended the 30th Annual Footwear News Achievement Awards in 2016. It was the moment when her Fenty Puma Creepers won their award for Shoe of the Year

Riri announced the new partnership less than a month after presenting her first cougar collection at NYC Fashion Week, which included an array of sneakers, loafers, laces, and high tops.

In the world of sky-scraping fashion, Rihanna has worked together with Manolo Blahnik.
She launched a set of shoes with the lavishness shoe brand “So Stoned” in 2017. It was the third and final alliance between the singer and fashion icon.

Collaboration With Favorite Shoe Designer Amina Muaddi For Fenty Collection

It would be considered that anything Rihanna touches turn to gold. Likewise her footwear collection for Fenty, She has chosen the talented designer and Instagram sensation Amina Muaddi whose unique silhouettes are devoted to many fans.

Thus, the collection sold out in no time Muaddi and Fenty received the Collaborator of the Year Award from the “Shoe Oscars,” the Footwear News Achievement Awards. Consequently, the second collection increases these award-winning design elements in four new silhouettes.

The collection seems violent, as expected, and nothing less from these designers. The adored Caged-In Sandal makes a return in four colors, perfect for fall. These sandals are based on woven leather straps from the whole upper of the sandal, starting at the toes and wrapping up the calves, where they tie in the back. 

Meanwhile, Rihanna continues to add to her fashion range. In 2017, she made an impression when she launched Fenty Beauty, which offered foundation in 40 skin tones. A year later, she was praised for her Savage X Fenty lingerie brand, its diverse models, size offerings, and a fashion show that rivaled Victoria’s Secret’s extravaganza. Rihanna’s Brand has since expanded to men’s basics.

Rihanna Introduced Second Fenty Shoe Collection with Designer Amina Muaddi

Rihanna Shoe Size
Rihanna Shoe Size

On Thursday, the multitalented singer, songwriter, actress, and fashion entrepreneur dropped her second Fenty footwear collaboration with designer Amina Muaddi, “11-20.” The collection features four new styles: a pump, a squared-toed sling back, and two types of sandals.  

“I wanted to create footwear that represented the muse and the brand: strong but refined and feminine,” said Muaddi, whose summer collection with Fenty was a sellout. 

Moreover, Muaddi turns the classic silhouette on its head in the Corset Pump for a slightly more modest look. The pumps are made from sleek, clear PVC in an electric blue color and have matching laces that weave through the pump and tie at the ankle. They have a stridently pointed toe and a highlighted heel. If you don’t consider PVC, they are also handy in white leather with a metallic silver silhouette. 

Another work of Muaddi was the square toes are trendy these days, and Muaddi taps into the style with the Don’t Be Square toss-back pump in leather. The leather is crimped in the front, and they have elastic in the back, making them very easy to wear. The article Don’t Be Square pumps available in white leather and features a highlight heel. 

Additionally, even if holiday parties are on seize, you can still dress the part in the Ribbon Ropes. This stiletto sandal features interweaved crystal-embellished straps and satin ribbons that crisscross past the ankle and tie at the calf. The Ribbon Ropes are available in pink or black.

Where to Buy Rihanna Designed Shoe Collection

Well, you feel amused to know that you can easily purchase her designed silhouettes from the Fenty beauty store and online, along with the farfetch and levelshoes sites.  

A Few Highlights to Memorize On Rihanna Shoe Collection

  1. Rihanna works with the prominent designer Manolo Blahnik and focuses on a limited edition of a collection of high-heel shoes.
  2. The collection is called Denim Desserts and would include 6 different shoe models, including strappy mules, thigh-high boots, and strappy sandals.
  3. Rihanna planned to sell all of its shoe collections from May 5 in Manolo Blahnik boutiques in NYC, London, and Hong Kong at prices ranging from $895 to $3,995.

Who Stole Rihanna Dressing and Shoe Style-Zendaya Tried!

Who Stole Rihanna Dressing and Shoe Style
Who Stole Rihanna Dressing and Shoe Style

Zendaya chic is the ideal look for the Rihanna, and Manolo Blahnik heels the singer gifted her. Particularly, it took her a complete year.

Zendaya captioned a snap of the attractive shoes on an Instagram post from June 8′ “The amount of slayage or looks that are set to come out of these. Thank you, fashion mother @badgalriri.” However, the promised “slayage” never came till now.

The sequined denim heels’ big entrance finally arrived on Tuesday, June 13, when Zendaya stepped onto the red carpet at the Spider-Man: Homecoming premiere; by wearing the pumps paired with an intense blue silk midi dress.

The graceful silhouette had skinny straps, cascading loose ruffles, and a slit at the front of an architectural asymmetric hemline. And Zendaya was right, “The look she styled with Rihanna’s shoes reached crest slayage.”

But knowing her fans have been waiting for just this moment, the 20-year-old star took to Twitter to explain the delay, “I told my mutha Ri I would slay in her Manolo pumps one day. I’ve been preparing for this day; I would never let her down.” Considering Zendaya is a style icon, we can’t imagine she’d ever let Ri down.

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