Rihanna’s come back with “Lift Me Up” after many Years

There’s a lot of anticipation surrounding Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, mostly because of the plot around the storyline with Chadwick Boseman’s unfortunate death. Continuing his legacy forward is the OG cast and Ryan Coogler, who has been speaking openly about missing the actor, a close friend, in the follow-up.

Fascinatingly, Rihanna made her solo music return after 6-7 years with Lift Me Up, which is a part of the Black Panther: Wakanda Forever Soundtrack, and it’s a tribute song to Chadwick Boseman’s MCU heritage.

Coogler attributed the film’s composer Ludwig Göransson, Roc Nation, and his friend, Jay Z, as “major factors” for connecting them with Rihanna. “The reality is we were seeking for a brilliant artist who could communicate the film’s plot and grasp the film’s concerns and present them to the people in a different manner.”

However, Black Panther: Wakanda Forever is the full soundtrack released on November 11 with the film’s official release.

All Praises for Rihanna

The director Ryan Coogler during the press conference of Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, praises Rihanna, who sang OST Lift Me Up in the movie.

Coogler was reportedly questioned about how Marvel encouraged the Grammy-winning musician to make her first new music in years. Coogler said replied “I can’t claim sole ownership of that. I believe that if she hooked her mike, everyone would understand.”

He further said, “I completely understand ’cause I love her music so much. I feel like she’s given all that somebody, all that you could ask for.”

In the end, Coogler shared that the film’s trailer won the singer and swayed her to team up. “It was the trailer,” he said. “I think that when she saw the performances that everybody was putting down in the trailer, that put her over the rim and say, ‘Hey, I wanna see this film. I want to check whether I can figure this out.'”

The director recalls, “Once she played us the recording, she said, straight up, ‘I did this for Chad.'” Meanwhile, Rihanna’s Westbury Road label launched Wakanda Forever’s lead ballad ‘Lift Me Up’ in affiliation with Roc Nation, Def Jam Recordings, and Hollywood Records. The song, which is out now, is co-written by the singer, Coogler, Göransson, and Nigerian artist Tems and serves as an honor to Boseman.

During the movie’s credits, The-“Born Dream’s Again,” the second track, plays. Coogler added, “Chad got us all together.”He keeps on giving. I’m just thankful that Rihanna was the most recent reward to join the family, and I can’t wait for folks to, you know, the song is out, but I can’t wait for fellas to see how it’s used in the film.”

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