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You don’t need to go further to look for UK-brand sports and equipment. On this page, you get all the top branded companies with slight descriptions of what they offer.

To start a new sport or get to the gym, it is now quite easy to decide which Athleisure you want for a workout. As it is necessary to look at the fabric that makes you feel best while sweating. Find out from the list below which activewear and equipment brand you will choose for your need.

UK Activewear Sports Brand

UK Activewear Sports Brand
UK Activewear Sports Brand

The athleisure style has proven as lasting here as across the limit. Athletic attire and footwear sales passed £6 billion in 2015 and will rise to almost £7.5 billion in the next four years.

Though, few brands have developed their digital channels to take advantage of that growth. Here is a reliable sporting activewear list for the needs that will help you out while working out. So, go through it:

1.      Colourways Textiles

Colourways textiles offer modified athleisure garments. Specialize in making fine quality T-Shirt, sweatshirts, and Polo Shirts for luxury brands, whether you want something personalized for your sports team or to wear even at the gym.

2.      Peper Harow

Get livable style and ease through Peper Harow luxury organic cotton sports socks. These socks provide unparalleled support no matter the sport, with a cushioned sole and ribbed arch.

3.      Peper Harow

Lola Starr is an activewear brand designed for both adults and children by providing the best range of Athleisure wear made from ocean waste. The collection gives you support and fabric coverage in the areas you need, whether for all activities or leisure.

4.      Soma Sportswear

After developing a unique fabric manufactured from renewable raw beech tree pulp and silver, the worthwhile athleisure brand Soma Sportswear was introduced in December 2021. It means the garments are naturally anti-bacterial and odorless, making them the perfect choice for all your activewear needs.

5.      Reebok

Reebok sustains its well-built European footing with commendable digital presentation across the globe. Through continuous innovation like Be More Human campaign, the brand stops just short of ranking in the Genius category.

6.    Uk Bases Sports Brand Equipment Venture-TOFFS

A TOFFS aims to create classic retro football and rugby kits with the most iconic traditional shirt designs. Since 1990, all their replica football and replica football and rugby shirts have been created by hand at their factory at Gateshead.

7.      Usual Objections

The Usual Objection is the destination for the livable swimwear brand based in Hackney. They use recycled fabrics to manufacture the most decent swimwear in the UK.

8.      A Star

A Star specializes in leotards for trampolining, gymnastics, and dance. They have experts in the UK to design and hand-make all of their shorts, crop tops, leotards, tracksuits, and leggings. A Star is proud to be the foremost UK-based sportswear dealer for many sports.

9.      Walsh

Norman Walsh UK has been making casual, recital, feel running footwear. They are only left, and British owned manufactured sports footwear brand in the UK.

10. Red Jasper

In the UK, Red Jasper makes superbly natural women’s active wear. It provides a collection of sustainable athleisure that is comfortable on the skin. It offers versatile garments that suit women’s differently shaped bodies. They choose the fabric that looks good and is well worth the investment.

UK Based Brand Equipment for Sports

sports equipment
sports equipment

Looking forward to reliable and feasible equipment for working out is best, especially if someone has a disability. So let’s go through the list of UK-based available types of equipment:

1.      Active Hands

Active hands’ main objective is to help get inclusive and dynamic lives. They make premium disability gripping aids for those who suffer from disability grips like Spinal Cord Injury, Stroke, and Cerebral Palsy.

2.      SES- Sports Equipment Supplies

They are proficient in designing, manufacturing, and supplying UK sports. Moreover, make certain to get the finest quality, affordable equipment and beyond. So if you are looking forward to a venture to supply and fit sports gear, your search ends here.

3.      Stramatel

In the list of sports equipment suppliers, Stramatel is the leading name of Electronic Scoring Equipment manufacturers supplier. Their scoreboards carry the Governing Body endorsement for Basketball Scoreboards and other sports like Water polo.

As the foremost supplier, SES provides a complete Stramatel scoreboard supply at competitive prices and repair service as the Approved Stramatel Service provider. Since 2001, it has been approved by the FIBA (International Basketball Federation) and became a partner in 2006.

Additionally, they offer products like timing systems for swimming competitions, timers, emergency call stations, clocks, and industrial displays. Stramatel Scoreboards hold a 2-year (Parts) Warranty and an 8-year LED Warranty.

4.      RDX Sports

This brand started with an array of MMA and Boxing equipment. RDX increased its range in a while and steadily moved towards fitness and May Thai gear also.

5.     Tica Lily

Somerset-based company Tica Lily presents yoga meditation Zafu cushions to utilize in a studio or the comfort of your home. Filled with an Organic Buckwheat case, you can modify it by taking out a small content to soften the support and make your cushion perfect for you!

6.   Aresson -UK Sports Brand Equipment

It is the only Rounders equipment supplier in the UK. Rounders England and Aresson made a partnership with the joint endeavor of producing innovative products and improved player engagement to Britain’s most wistful game.

New Stamps of Approval have been created to assure players that they are being offered quality, modern products. The introduction of these stamps guarantees that approved goods of a particular standard are easily recognized in the mass market. The stamps have been honored to Aresson for quality, innovation, and player engagement across all playing facilities in the game of Rounders.

7.      Favero Electronic Design

They offer various electronic devices for sports and free time activities. Like billboards, scoreboards with luminous LED displays, clocks for hourly rates, outdoor scoreboards, chronometers, coin-token Acceptors, etc. They give you a guarantee of both small gyms and large recreation centers for a large variety of sports.

8.      Sureshot

It offers a variety of gymnastics ranges using well-known production standards and technical expertise from experts to create premium products.

9.      Indigo Fitness

Indigo Fitness is on the front page due to high-performance strength training for over 20 years. They produce and assemble durable and strong strength training and gym equipment like benches and racks in the UK. Furthermore, they help with gym design and flooring gyms. They supply a range of Raze gym equipment like dumbbells, clothing, etc., but do not manufacture by themselves.

10. KustomKit

KustomKit has been producing great quality commercial gym equipment to last a lifetime since 2013. Their British-made gym equipment with various colors and logos to design with your brand. Every piece is handmade by their team of welders, machinists, and upholsterers to the premier standards. 

Glossary (UK Sports & Equipment Brand)

UK Sports & Equipment Brand
UK Sports & Equipment Brand
AAdmiral Sportswear  
BBritish Cricket Balls LtdBuktaGeorge G. Bussey & Co.  
CCarbrini SportswearCarlton SportsCastore (brand)Crystalate Manufacturing Company  
DDunlop SlazengerDunlop Sport
EEllis Brigham  
FF Collar  
GGilbert RugbyGola (manufacturer)Gray-NicollsGrays InternationalGunn & MooreGymshark  
IJohn Letters  
LLonsdale (clothing)  
MMitre Sports International  
NParris CuesPenfold GolfPentland GroupPowaKaddy  
RRapha (sportswear)Riley (brand)  
SSlazengerSpeedoSplash About International  
TTandem Group  
WWebb Ellis (sportswear)Winmau  

Note: This list may not meet your need but will be updated soon according to your choice.

How to Purchase..

You can get all these brand’s sports and equipment through the described ventures and also online through their website and shopping websites. So go and grab the opportunity.

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