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Ashley Cruger Age, Job, Net worth of Taylor Kinney Girlfriend

Check out Ashley Cruger, Taylor Kinney’s current girlfriend. We’re all familiar with Taylor Kinney, who’s a famous American actress and model. Most famous for his work as a character in The Vampire Diaries, Chicago Fire, The Other Woman along with Zero Dark Thirty. He was also a former lover of the famous singer Lady Gaga.

Yet, not many people know about Ashley who has the looks and the intelligence to captivate the actors. It’s time for us to learn the more details about Taylor Kinney’s love interest who’s identity remains obscured by mystery.

Ashley Cruger Age

All About Ashley Cruger, Taylor Kinney’s boyfriend

In April 2022, Taylor Kinney showed up for the tenth anniversary of Operation Smile Ski and Smile Challenge with his new partner Ashley Cruger and packed up the PDA with Ashley Cruger. While taking a selfie on the red carpet Taylor took a kiss from Ashley for everyone to observe. The open display of affection in front of cameras indicates that the relationship between them are serious.

It’s not clear what time the two have been in a relationship, but many the public is hopeful that they’ll be back together sometime around the autumn of 2021. In addition, the couple has got together with event hosting Brooke Burke and her fiance Scott Rigsby. . It was Deuxmoi, a gossip site on Instagram which allegedly revealed their relationship.

In the year 2019, Taylor was seen kissing an unidentified lady at Columbia Kettle Works in Pennsylvania in photographs obtained by At the time, it wasn’t yet clear if she was Ashley or Ashley.

The couple appears to be good and on the 25th of April 2022, we observed Ashley having a blast riding a bike in the evening with Taylor. On April 10, the couple were having fun in MotoGP at Austin, Texas.

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Ashley Cruger and Taylor Kinney Relationship

Ashley began her debut on the public stage in April 2022 when she appeared with Taylor Kinney in the 10th annual Operation Smile Ski and Smile Challenge in Utah, USA. The two kissed openly in front of the media and confirmed their love for each other.

The couple hasn’t revealed the length of time they’ve been in a relationship, but many believe that they began dating around the time between 2021. Although they would like to keep their relationships secret, Ashley often shares photos of their intimate moments on various platforms, including Instagram.

The pair Ashley as well as Taylor were seen on numerous occasions while on bike rides or going for MotoGP events. Ashley had a appearance in Taylor’s current television show Chicago Fire, in season 11.

Ashley Cruger’s Age?

She was born the month of April, 1996. She’s now 27 years old. Her exact birthday hasn’t been revealed at this time.

Ashley Cruger’s Career

Although Ashley would prefer to keep her personal life from public scrutiny Many sources suggest that Taylor Kinney’s girlfriend has been working as model. As per these accounts, Ashley is signed to the BMG modeling agency, and her profile describing her work as”female lifestyle model” “female lifestyle model”.

Based on LinkedIn, Ashley also works full-time as a sale and marketing specialist for El Bandido Yankee Tequila Company as well as part-time at Eagle Six Properties.

Is Ashley Cruger Is On Instagram?

Ashley is a regular on Instagram She frequently post pictures of herself with Taylor together. Her account, @ashley_cruger has 14k followers and is private.

How Tall Is Ashley Cruger?

Ashley’s height ranges from approximately 5’9″ (approximately 175cm). As per her BMG profile her measurements are 36, 27 37, 27, and 36 inches. She is wearing a size 4-6 (US) outfit and size 10, (US) sneakers.

One distinctive facial characteristic that is distinctive to Ashley are her eyes that have dark, blue hues which are described by her admirers who describe her eyes as “very beautiful.”

Ashley Cruger’s Family

The father of Ashley Cruger is Timothy Scott Cruger, also called Tim Cruger. Tim continued to reside at Naperville, Illinois and turned 60 in 2022. Ashley’s mother and her mother, Lynn Cruger, passed sometime around 2020. They are survived by their wife Christopher “Chris” Cruger Jr. who died at the age of 80 in November of 2015.

Ashley’s father, Christopher, was drafted into the military. He was assigned to Korea between 1956 and 1959, after completing Ranger certification. He was discharged with honor in 1959 and was promoted to the rank of First Lieutenant.

As for the siblings that she has, Ashley has two sisters Lauren and Hope Cruger, as well as two brothers Jarred and Sam Cruger. Lauren was a student at Neuqua Valley High School as well as Columbia College Chicago, turned 28 in June 2021. Hope is on the other hand began her biology studies in the UC Santa Barbara campus. UC Santa Barbara in 2020. Jarred is possibly Lauren’s twin is employed as Security at the Comedy Vault and Sam attended Waubonsie Valley High School.

The last one last but not least Lynn Seugling Cruger, Ashley’s gorgeous mother, who was a student at Green Mountain College and went to Passaic Valley Regional High School.

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